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07 WR450 Finally Ready to Ride

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So the story goes…

Over winter I picked up a brand new 07 WR450 left over for 4K OTD. My plan was to have it ready to go for spring but moving into a new house and my 2 month old daughter took priority this year. When I got the bike home there was a foot of snow on the ground so I never got a chance to even ride it before I tore into it. Well this week I finally got it to the point where I can get the PA enhanced inspection done for my street title.

Modification list……
O7 YZ450 Forks
Pro Action Front and Rear suspension
07 YZ450 Akrapovic Exhaust
JD jet kit
JD fuel screw
R&D power bowl 2
Merge Racing AC pump spring
Short AC diaphragm rivet
7602 Racing carb vent filter
Scotts/BRP sub mount
BRP chain guide
Bullet Proof Designs Rad guards
Sicass racing dual sport kit
Zeta hand guards with integrated LED turn signals
Highway Dirt Bikes Billet aluminum Rear LED turn signals
Highway Dirt Bikes Starter/Kill switch
2 sets of wheels 05 and 07 (05 currently on bike)
(Not installed yet)
Rekluse Core EXP auto clutch
Rekluse left hand rear brake
Scotts rear disk guard
TM Design Works skid plate
ASV C6 Levers



I took the bike out for the first time on Monday and surprisingly it ran really good. I think the jetting is close it pulled very hard all the way up top but still had tons on low end power.  The problem is I really have nothing to compare it to.  I have been out of the dirt scene for a long time and this is the first big 4 stroke I have owned.



Current carb setup
170 MJ
48 PJ
JD Red needle 5th clip
ACV disabled
100 PAJ
Fuel screw 1.5 turns out
Adjustable leak jet set 1.75 turns out (50 leak jet)
Short AC Pump diaphragm rivet
















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