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Bike won't idle, how to jet a 96 yz250

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I'm wondering what size of main and secondary jets I should get for my 96 YZ 250. My year of bike has a certain carb that doesn't want to idle ( said by a yamaha dealers service guy) he said to try to re jet it and check reeds, but it probably wont ever idle because of a fluty idle adjustment on the carbs choke plunger. I'd like I try to fix this. What size should I run? What size do you run? And does it make a diffence in carb size and year the bike is to determined size of jets I use, as long as its a yz250? Also what reeds? I don't know to much about intake, fuel to air ratio, and getting performance from intake parts.. But it seams my bike is running rich on fuel or no enough air. The year has the idle adjustment on the choke and if I adjust it it still Boggs out and stalls if I let go of the throttle. Any tips?

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