dune riding

so im getting stationed in camp pendleton ca and want to get into dunes. I have absolutely no experience or knowledge about it. Any advice on setup and/or riding techniques etc.?

#1  Run it rich on the needle and main jet.


You'll be on the main jet most of the time! 

I just rode dunes last weekend for the first time. My suggestion would be a sand oriented rear tire. That way you can still go elsewhere to ride and not have to change tires. Another is a stabilizer. I had mine cranked up way high. Super helpful. I spent most of my time in 4th and 5th gear, so I'd gear it 1 or 2 teeth higher.

Buy some filterskins or make some yourself for your airfilter, they'll help keep you from sucking in sand through the airfilter.

i have a 2003 yz250  any advice on types of paddle tires how many paddles etc.  Also what about the front tire I've heard you can leave a regular one on, is that true?

Regular front should be fine, I'd suggest something within MX31 territory. Get an 8 paddle. There's really no reason to get anything super expensive tire-wise for sand. I've been using cheng shin sand pro for years now.

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