Throttle adaption for my son

My adult Son has Cerebral Palsy. He is entirely normal other than some physical limitations, and is 5'10" and 185#. He works in a grocery store, lives independently, is ambulatory. Despite a couple of driver's education courses, he was never able to quite pass the test for a license.

Nevertheless, as a youth he loved to ride motorcycles as my passenger and we had hoped we could trail ride together using my quad, a Kawasaki 750 4x4i EPS while I rode my Offroad bikes. Frankly, the only real issue is that the throttle is too difficult for him to control smoothly and under great control; and perhaps a little too powerful by virtue of this. In time I am sure he may learn to manage.

Is there a way to change the thumb lever to something that allows him to have a more graded/lessened throttle response with a given input/pressure? It just seems like it will always be too "twitchy" for him.

Make the lever larger?? Jerry rig a different type of throttle?? Detune the engine to limit the effect of the throttle?? I am not very mechanical so please be kind and descriptive if you can conceive a solution.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.


I understand your situation. My brother has suffered from cp since birth and it's always been hard (use of his left arm is non existent), while my other brother and I could always ride he never could.

Your throttle should have a screw on it that limits how far you can actually open the lever. If it does not have that option, there may be the option of a twist throttle with a 1/4 turn throttle. If those two options don't work out, just say so and I'll try my best to think of something else.

Edit- I can't believe I didn't think of this, but check out a thumb throttle for a honda trx400ex/trx300ex. They have long levers and short throw. Most prefer them over their stock throttles on other quads.

Thanks for the replies. I thought the thread was deleted and got frustrated and quit visiting Thumper Talk for a bit. As a followup, he is working hard to control the throttle in a controlled way and seems to be making progress. I did find on the Internet that Moose Racing makes a lever extension attached with zip ties which I just received and will try it out this weekend. I will also look to see if there is an adjustment that can be made to the screw. I will also look at a site regarding the Honda part.

Answer this for me, I had initiated 2 other threads which were definitely deleted, asking for anyone's experience with a particular dealer and questions about out-of-state purchases of dirt bikes. The threads were not meant to be malicious in any way. Are threads of this nature not allowed?

Beats me, I can't really help you with that. Nothing seems wrong with that.

Towards the moose extender-I hope it works out for you, moose products aren't exactly top of the line, but there's not much that can go wrong with a part like that.

My friend doesn't have any fingers on his right hand so he can't grab the handle so we made him a glove with metal and pvc inserts so it slides right on his adapter we made, if he pulls harder than normal steering than it'll just come off, we made a twist throttle for him and made two brake levers equal to the ones of a tractor, not skid steering tho, he can step on the right brake which activates front, left brake which activates both simutaniosly, he still can smoke me and my friends which is awesome

Does he have the cp where he has to use crutches when he walks?

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