AXO MMZERO01 gloves that hurt your hands?

I bought some cheapy fox gloves not too long ago and the fingertips ripped out in about 3 rides. Then I crashed hard into a ledge and cut the tops of my pinky and ring finger through the gloves.

So, I decided to invest in an expensive set 35-40 dollar new AXO gloves that had guards on the pinky and ring finger. Today was the first ride in them and within 2 hours the outsides of my thumbs and the tops of my knuckles were hurting. An hour after that, the out sides of my thumbs (like in the old bicycle days when you needed those things called donuts) started to rub raw. I stopped riding with some aching hands and when I washed them they stung from the soap.

I'm going to write AXO a letter but I just wanted to see if any of you have had the same problem with this brand or if I'm a freak of nature.

For a picture:

(the problem seems to be the black mesh material)

(Ride hard, it’s easier)

Thanks boyz, joe (:

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