Aluminum subframe

Does anyone know where I can pick up an aluminum subframe? Has anyone tried an aluminum subframe on a YZF? My buddy got one for his XR for only $189 but he can't remember where he got it.

The SUB frame IS aluminum. Are you talking about the whole frame? Its just painted, that's all.

Is it aluminum? Why would they paint aluminum? If it is aluminum can I blast off the paint and not worry about it rusting?

UNCHeel, where do you ride in NC? I live in Asheville.

Yes and it looks cool too...

Not sure what year you ride, but I think the 98 and 99 bikes had round steel tubing. Grab a magnet of the frige and see if it sticks.

The '98 and '99 are both steel, the relacement I remember came from AC engineering, my brother in law got his from a mail oredeer company that I think is called recreation supply, he was happy with the subframe eventually, but not with the mail order place. 2 lbs lighter than stock, if I keep my '98 I'm gonna get one

Do a search for AC racing before buying their subframe. Caveat Emptor.

Hey YZFVirgin!

Nice to meet another NCarolinian! Mostly I ride in Wilkes County, as that is where I live. However, recently a band of us has gotten together, and in 2 1/2 hours we can be in West Virginia. I like it there. You can go as tame or as wild as you want to. Maybe we can hook up sometime. Private me when you get a minute and I'll send you my email!

hey fellas whats up I am here in sylva nc and i was just wondering if you guys new of some good practice tracks in western north carolina seeing as how thats where I am at thanls for in info

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