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09 crf 450 pulsing rev/bog

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so im stumped with this issue with my bike 

ive got about 40 hours on it in

never had an issue until now, i was riding at the track and all of a sudden i lost all power 

get back to the truck and it starts but when revving the engine is pulsing at all throttle positions and im absolutely frustrated 

ive put new fuel filter,fuel pump, injector and also just put a PCM or ECM whatever you want to call it from a 2012 and still no avail its still doing it 

ive cleaned every connection and di electric greased all of them

messed with the TPS sensor and can get it to rev out and hit the limiter now but still pulses at all throttle ranges 

i hate to pay a shop to do work for me and have a outrageous bill and them not fix it 

ive read another forum saying something similar but not explaining what the bike is doing and saying TPS sensor and that one from a acura RSX will work so i have that on the way

ill be at my wits end if it doesnt work 

so somebody please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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