What happened to the TXC 511

I have an opportunity to get 2011 TXC 511 demo with about 10 hrs for around $4K. I read a lot about the bike and it seems like a good trail bike comparable to the 450s. I ride western Wa mostly single track, rocks, roots, mud. My question and concern is why did they stop making the TXC 511 for 2013/14? Seems like it will be hard to find part both OEM and aftermarket. Was it an unpopular model? Feedback would be appreciated

This platform is most likley to be discontinued due to the KTM buyout. That is why they are just making the street legal TE models. According to the buyout news. KTM will be making replacement parts for at least 10yrs. That is a great price for a very good bike. I have the 11 TXC 449 and it has been a very good do it all bike and has been very dependable. 

It's not a bad trail bike.... Just not a very good race bike if you know what I mean.

Yes, not looking for a race bike. I'm just weekend warrior, unfortunately I just bought a travel trailer, so I may have put my plan on hold. I was also looking at a 2014 TE310R for $6550 out the door but I guess not now. Thanks for the feedback

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