XR250 kick starter question

Hi guys,


I've ridden a 1998 XR400 for years, and recently purchased a 2000 XR250 for my son.  I've noticed something strange with the kick starter and I was wondering if someone with a similar year XR250 could confirm.


I noticed that the kick starter does not align flush with the end of the splined shaft.  Usually it would be desireable to have full engagement of the splines, but it can't be pushed on any further, since the thru-bolt must pass through the U shaped channel in the splined shaft. My first reaction was that it must be the wrong kick lever, the previous owner must have put the wrong one.  So I ordered a new one, part number 28300-KCE-670 used on all 96-04 XR250s.   I got it in the mail today and it is exactly the same as the old one on the bike.


Could someone with an XR250 confirm if your kick start does not sit flush with the shaft, like in the photo below?  Seems like a weird design.  My XR400 kickstart engages all of the splines and is flush with the end of the shaft.


Thanks for any input...





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Totally normal.

that is the way mine is

Thanks guys, much appreciated!   :thumbsup:


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