2011 KTM 300 Rebuild with 60 hrs, should I be concerned

Looking at buying a used 2011 300 XC with supposedly has 60 hrs on it but the buyer said he did a piston/ring install last year. Not sure how many hours at the time but that seems like low hours for a rebuild. Does this sound like a blow up issue or is this normal? He wants $5500. Thanks

hes incredibly anal or it has more than 60 hrs

WAY too much money, but a lot of people replace top-ends more often than needed.

For around the northwest the price is about right. from what ive been seeing you guys in Georgia area pay a hell of a lot less for Ktms down there !!!

I have a 2011 300 and just replaced the top end with 125 hours on it, and the piston looked fine.  If you wait til it looks like it needs replacement, you waited too long.. that's my mantra.  The 300 will easily last 125 hours of riding, but if you don't clean your air filter EVERY RIDE, the dust and debris that gets through the filter will wear out the top end really fast.  In fact, there's an ISDE racer near me who said that's the number one reason that two stroke top ends blow up--not cleaning the air filter enough.  That piston is the heart of your motor, and you have to keep that air pure!!

He could just be anal. I usually do 100 hours on my top end. Look at the clutch case. If it is damn near polished and void of all paint, it definitely has more than 60 hours on it

Thanks everyone. Is there an hour gauge on the bike or am just getting an estimation?

XC's have hour meters only if he put one on.

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