Fmf exhaust replacement sticker?

Hey guys I'm in Australia and was wondering if anyone knows where I can get a replacement exhaust sticker for my fmf factory f4.1

Try E Bay

FMF sells them online.

I wanted the roost factory version.

No go.

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I've tried eBay couldn't get one :(, I just emailed fmf hope they reply soon

We have them online right here, Noticed you are in Australia though, we do not ship direct overseas. You will have to contact McLeod Racing Accessories in Australia as they are our #1 FMF Racing Distributor their. I hope this helps and you may also want to try some of our online retailers who ship overseas like,, or Take care!

Thanks heaps fmf! Really appreciate it I'll contact them on Monday :) Whooo never thought I would get one

Thanks smezmx!

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