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HELP! Gilera Nordwest 1992 Wheel fitment

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Good morning everybody,


Im a new member to this forum only joined yesterday so Gooday to you all from Southampton UK. 


Im currently in the middle of rebuilding a 1992 Gilera Nordwest Supermoto, for those of you that dont know what they look like standard heres a picture, this is the exact modelicon1.png i have same colour everything. 




However the chap i bought it off had changed all the fairings for the Gilera RC ones so it looked a bit more like a modern day supermoto with a square front headlighticon1.png board and a high front mudguard. 


I have now stripped everything off the bike and bought a load of new partsicon1.png like an acerbis front mudguard and headlight a DRC Edge 2 tail tidy, black handguards and various other bits in a bid to modernise it as i dont want to get rid of it. 


As you can see from the photographs the standard Gilera Nordwests come with cast ally wheels which are weighty and i personally do not like them at all therefore i want to change them for spoked supermoto wheels. The standard wheel sizes are front 3.50 x 17 and rear 4.00 x 17. Can someone please give me a hand and tell me what spoked wheels from other bikes would fit or where i could source some wheels for it? Also i dont know whether you can see from the picture above but the bike has twin front disc brakes which i want to change to a single disc, can i just remove one of the discs and callipers in order to suit the new wheels? 


This can be done to these bikes as i have seen many pictures online of Nordwests with spoked wheels and single front discs for example see these pictures below:







Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me, i really want to make this bikeicon1.png something and start enjoying owning it!


Cheers Joe

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