1983 honda xl250r oil

hi just want to know which oil should i use in the 1983 honda xl250r? at the moment iv got 20w50 in as per xr250r manual,only that i coul fine, but it seems that when the ive ridden around a bit and the engine starts to get hot, ery hot, that the clutch starts slipping on pull away and on hard acceleration, and also valve tappet noise gets bit louder.


any help would be appreciated


and whta can i do to make the bike not run so hot?

You have a 30 year old engine, that probably needs some attention.


The stock motors run extremely hot until you properly un-cork and re-jet them.

Many also add oil coolers.


The stock motors are also notorious for upper engine oil starvation.

You should inspect the oil passages in the head for clogging from dirt and combustion.


Remember, that motor has a service life of 650 hours, and then it needs a complete rebuild.

thanx for getting back.


what do you mean by uncork?


also we did open the engine up when i bought it,replaced timing chain with new one, new oil seals and gaskets, also checked the oil passages and they are clean, i do get oil into the top as i have removed the aluminum tappet covers and there is oil in there

That engine design goes back to the 1978 XL-250S.


I'd replace the clutch plates and springs, for starters.

I'd also double-check valve clearances, an easy job on that bike.

I'd also double-check that the correct spark plug is in there, not just any old one that was handy at the time.


10/40 oil is the recommended one for most conditions, but 20/50 is fine as long as it isn't too cold outside.


I'd also make sure the air filter is in 100% proper working order (AKA: no holes in it and properly oiled, not to mention being cleaned and reoiled regularly), as well as making sure there are no air leaks at the inlet manifold and that the carburetor is not partially plugged-up and/or suffering from having the wrong brass (jets) screwed into it.

I just picked up a 1983 XL250R with just under 4k miles. Everything is original stock except the tail light and she runs perfectly.... I am trying to find the repair manual for her. I do have a small oil leak on the right side of the engine from the nylon circular plug located there....anybody know what that plug is for? Look at the picture....ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1380635471.364711.jpg

Few more pics of my baby.....

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1380635576.650409.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1380635602.409415.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1380635623.394965.jpg

That plug is plugging the hole left from boring the camshaft journals in the cylinder head and head cover.


It seems that lots of Honda XL and XR models of 250 and 500cc that use that design (1978-1983 in the USA) eventually spring an oil leak where the head cover meets the cylinder head.

There is no paper or metal gasket there, but a sealant that comes from a tube.


Remove the head cover, clean the surfaces, and put it back together with a film of the proper sealant (Yamabond 4, Hondabond 4, Threebond 1104, Threebond 1194).

I'd also use a new plug.


Have you asked your local Honda motorcycle dealer about ordering an official Honda Service Manual?

Thanks for the advice.... Yeah I should get the official service manual.

Make sure you are not using an automotive 20W50 with energy conserving classification-that can cause clutch slippage.These XLs have kinda weak clutches and you might get away with stiffer clutch springs if plates are in spec-if they aren't replace plates and springs!

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