won't start

I have a 2001 CR 125that I got from a friend who said it needed a top end rebuild. rebuilt it and had it running just fine....get up the next morning to try to start it n it won't start. has compression, is getting gas, my uncle said it has a weak spark so what should I do or check

Maybe it's a fouled pug.  Put in a fresh plug and see if it starts.  Start simple first.



was the choke on? :)


You can check the ignition coil resistance to determine if the coil is working properly.  Check the primary terminal resistance and the primary terminal to spark plug cap resistance and then see what the factory service manual says it should be.... 

I changed it a couple of times...lol. what's crazy is now its runing againafter letting it sit that whole day I go over his house again the following day after it wouldn't start kik it and it starts up again

Why cant I get into chatrooms or anything I made a username password n everything n still can't get on thumpertalk

You may have just simply flooded the engine. Next time that happens take the spark plug out and push the kick starter with your hand to turn the engine over a few times. Do this with the plug removed and it will spit any fuel that's in the cylinder up and out. Then reinstall the plug and see if that makes a difference. You may just have rich jetting and are flooding the engine when you turn the choke on. Does the bike start easily without the choke?

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