GPS said 59 (top speed question)

I wanted to see how long my riding loop is around the lake, through the woods, to the football field and back was so I put my garmin in my pocket and took off.  When I returned, it said 3.1 miles and my top speed was 59.  There is a straight stretch on the lake's dam but I didn't think I could get going that fast on it so I figured it was the GPS not tracking the satellites correctly.  But that made me wonder, what is the top speed of a stock '11 YZ250F?


sounds about right.  I have a trail tech vapor on mine with 13/49 gearing and rarely get over 60mph.  If I do, it is screaming.

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I was going to say high 60s, maybe 70? I have no real proof in numbers, but I thought I had a Dirt Rider from a few years ago when they had top speeds of the 450s and they were like around 90mph. I could be wrong.

Using a 14/49 pretty much rev'd out you might see 75mph. They go fast quick though. 60 is probably realistic.

Thanks guys.

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