picked up a 99 125

hey guys i picked up another bike as part of a 2bike deal( the other bike is for the kids) anyways i have no need for 2 125s so i am going to part ways with one of them. I am leaning towards selling the 99 mostly because it prob has more value and i think the 94 is more bike than i need. I am not racing or anything like that. They both are pretty clean and start on the first kick. the 94 seems was a race bike at some point in its life while the 99 seems to be stock with the exception of the fmf exhaust. which one would you keep and why?



left side.jpg

left side.jpg

Id keep the 94 because of the better low-mid range power. But you should ride them both and then make your own decision.

I would keep the one with the best suspension. That's just my opinion but suspension is key for any type of riding.

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