A lot of drag with bike in neutral

Ive searched all over and couldn't find an answer to my issue. I just got done a rebuild on my 450, new crank bearings, new top end, and trans was gone through and all looked good. I got the bike all back together, fired her up and it ran good. Problem is, with the bike in neutral on the stand the back wheel is spinning at like 30mph. The bike also has a lot of drag while im trying to roll it around in neutral or turn the back wheel while in neutral. I pulled the chain and the sprocket is hard to turn while in neutral so I know its not a rear wheel/brake issue. Ive also pulled off the clutch basket about 4 times looking for an issue and cant find anything, the main shaft going through the clutch basket is also hard to turn. Anyone have any insight?



im having the same problem with my 09 kx250f


I think i got it narrowed down to a revised transmission, so i need 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gears on the input shaft. The revision was something like getting rid of a snap ring and washer and adding a shoulder on 2nd gear to compensate for it. I split the cases last night and all the gears independently span good on the shafts but when both shafts were meshed together in the clutch side case with the shift forks and drum installed it was really hard to spin. All the bearings were good too. Im taking the case halves and transmission to a shop today to diagnose it to make sure what my problem is. Try to look up and see if there were any recalls or revisions for your bike. They will notify you about recalls but revisions/updates arent necessary, just fixing bad designs.

I hate when moderators move things to this section, no one see's it here and response is limited. So whats weird is that before the rebuild I never had this problem and nothing with the trans got touched. So I am kind of doubting it would be a revision that just happened to start acting up.

Just got back from the shop with my case halves and tranny. No need to do the update on mine. The problem was that there was some trash between a gear and the output shaft it span on. Cleaned it up and its all fine. I'm thinking maybe some trash got in your tranny during rebuild

haha damnnnnnnn. Good for you! Unfortunately I am not in the mood to tear down the motor again ahhhh

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