Looking for long island riders!

Looking for riders to ride street trails basically anything in the long island area.. get back to me if u wanna ride : )

Where are you located? What do you ride?

I live in ronkonkoma ny.. I ride a honda crf250l enduro as of now.. trying to sell it and get a ktm or even a husky.. how bout you? Where are you located and what u riding? My names Evan btw

I have a vintage Yamaha it200, street plated. I truck it out east and sneak off into the woods. Im from Holtsville

That is awesome I'm sure I've ridden the trails that u go to we've went everywhere around here..u ever wanna do some riding let me know I'll ride anywhere : )

I generally would only ride on weekdays, when people are not out on the trails, and patrols are minimal. Are you free weekdays?

I actually just got back from riding.. it was a really nice one too.. weekdays the earliest I get out is 430 usually.. if u give me a heads up I'll make sure Im around to ride.. my buddy has a crotch rocket but he's awesome to ride with nothing crazy ull have No prob keeping up he rides just like we would.. he'll most likely have a ktm in the next few days anyway. Give me a heads up if ud wanna meet up and if u have friends that wanna come bring them along too if u want.. were down to ride anywhere!! I'll ttys

Hey there is a couple of us out in Riverhead/ Manorville. I just sold my street bike an picked up a Drz  Im not that good off road but I know some places to ride. Hit me up if any of you come out east

Awesome I'd totally be into that.. next time u guys plan on getting together to ride or u hitting some trails let me know I'll definitely come ride!! Thanks for getting in touch...

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