2004 Wr450 grey wire

Does the grey wire trick apply to the 2004? The directions say it is in with 1 other wire, on mine the connector has a few other wires.


Grey wire still applies for 04. I think the connector has 6 wires under the tank. Search this forum, I remember somone having pics of the connector.


offroad.com has an '03 wr450 as one of their project bikes in the motorcycle section of the site. there's a picture of the connector. it's a pain to get to, but worth it.

They grey wire mod must still be performed on 04 WR's, unless it's a Canadian one, on the bikes sold up here there is no grey wire because the emmisions standards aren't as strict.

Did mine today. Easy to get to...just under the tank. Pulled it out of the connector and put some heat shrink around it. It took about 10 min.

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