Honestly some people.. How stupid can you be?

How stupid can you be?



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How did she find her way out she was supposed to be in the kitchen




EDIT: LOL!  Love the first comment on the youtube page, "She got the holeshot!"

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MILF alert!

It had to be a blonde... :smirk:

It had to be a blonde... :smirk:

...and female, and a teenager=3 strikes

nice dance that girl was on fire


She was smoking. :smirk:

That's hot!

Hope it didnt burn her gina

I'd still tap them, both...... at the same time if possible!

You guys crack me up haha. That chick that was twerking is a stunt woman and the entire thing was fake.  Jimmy Kimmel directed it lol.


But the hot blonde that decided to run in front of the track instead of behind it    :bonk:

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