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Motocross Rd. 17 Lierop, Benelux (NED) MXGP

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MX-Life TV Live Timing and Scoring


Results and Points

MX-Life TV: Live Race Coverage






EMX125 Group 1 Free + Qualifying Time Practice 7:50

EMX125 Group 2 Free + Qualifying Time Practice 8:35

MX2 Free Practice 9:30

MX1 Free Practice 10:15

EMX250 Group 1 Free + Qualifying Time Practice 11:00

EMX250 Group 2 Free + Qualifying Time Practice 11:40

EMX125 Semi Final Group 1 12:30

MX2 Pre-Qualifying Practice 13:15

MX1 Pre-Qualifying Practice 14:00

EMX125 Semi Final Group 2 14:50

EMX250 Semi Final Group 1 15:30

MX2 Qualifying Race 16:10

MX1 Qualifying Race 17:00

EMX250 Semi Final Group 2 17:50

EMX125 Last Chance Qualifying Practice 18:30

EMX250 Last Chance Qualifying Practice 19:00



EMX125 Warm up 8:00

EMX250 Warm up 8:30

MX2 Warm up 9:00

MX1 Warm up 9:30

EMX125 FINAL 10:20

EMX250 FINAL 11:10

MX2 Grand Prix Race 1 12:10

MX1 Grand Prix Race 1 13:10

MX2 Grand Prix Race 2 15:01

MX1 Grand Prix race 2 16:07

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