2005 250 exc reeds, should I replace them? 205 hours

I have 205 hours on my trusty 2005 250 exc, I pulled the reed cage today to take a look at the reed valve. The reeds look fine, no chipping, cracking or warping, which surprised me. Should I replace them anyways? The bike seems to run fine, but I have had it for a long time and would probably not notice a gradual power reduction. Can they lose tension but still lay flat?

BTW I have a Boyesen RAD valve. 

I would before they fail . Very minor cost for a bike with 205 hrs.

If your'e racing definitely replace. 


Otherwise try to look at the edges under a microscope or powerful magnifying glass if you can. Cracks, chips and fraying can be really hard to notice in early stages. If the edges are solid check again in another 20-25 hours.  

If it isn't broken, don't fix it.  The reeds you pull out, despite the hours, may be better than the ones you put back in as replacements.  The days of steel reeds are far behind us (they would destroy a motor if they failed) modern reeds are extremely durable.  My '07, as far as I can tell, still has the originals and they are fine so I keep running them.  When the corners start to deteriorate, you will notice a decrease in bottom end power.  That's your cue.

If they pass a visual inspection you can also perform the water test. Fill the reed cage with water and if it takes more then about 20 seconds to drain they're still making a good seal. Me personally with that many hours I'd just replace them.

It took about 7 seconds for most the water to leak out, then the rest took awhile longer.  They were only $60 from Rocky Mountain, so I ordered some new ones.

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