Who here has the most miles on their CRF 250 L ?

Not me only 550 miles on my 2014 is all!! :ride: :ride:

160 on my 2014 haha

Prolly not the most, but 5300 in just over 5 months, not bad! Supermoto wheels should be here any day, then I will rack on some miles.

I have about 2500 on my '14... does somebody know how many miles total this bike may get

Just a little over 1K is all 

About 3,300 on mine

Only 1450 miles on mine, and the end of this month I will have had it a year.

350 on my 14. Just did the first oil change.

How to you gauge mileage when your rear tire is constantly spinning in place slinging mud?

2 months and 1001 miles, no off roading and no commuting, just riding and small errands.....

7300 kilometers on my 2013.

I've got 2200 on my '13 I got in April. 

11,800 km, had it about 6 months

1500 miles on my 2013... I work from home 3/4 of the time and when I do go in its 7 miles. The rest are fun miles!!

im just shy of 6000 miles ..

Also just shy of 6000 miles on mine. Still running the original tires by the way. The rear still has a millimeter or so left before I'm down to the critical point. 

got the bike march of 2013... didn't ride it due to a severe rain season until may... 5500 miles on her...  still have stock tires on as well...  i have an 1/8th of an inch left on them...  just returned the irc gp-1 for a shinko e700....  we shall see how it does...




 here is pictures of the tread today..



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I like the looks of the 700 --was it spendy?? Please let us know if you like it over stock OK?? :ride: 

2600 on my '13. I got it August of 2012. I ride it every chance I get but I guess I don't get enough. Plenty of 60 mi/day trips to Boston.

i have 3900 on my since 2/22/13 :) mostly street just replaced my rear tire it was pretty bald so i got the bridgestone tw302 put on last night and so far it is an awesome wet weather tire and conners way better than the stock one but it seems heavier to me has any one done any of the services yet on the valves ? where they needing adjusted?

also how much?

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