Crf450x 2013 or Ktm450 exc 2013 ?


Decision time, I'm looking to buy a new enduro bike. I'm looking at crf450x or ktm 450 exc 2013 model on both. It's going to be used on the road at the weekends a bit - green laning and the odd enduro. I had a crf450x 2007 which was a nice bike, but people keep pushing me towards the ktm ? I have only had Hondas before so don't really know what the ktm s are like on reliability and maintenance ? The ktm feels nicer to sit on and look at but my heart says Honda for reliability . Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


If you really want reliability you should look at the WR450F.

If you really want reliability you should look at the WR450F.

YEAH!! but if you only want red or orange. I would go with red because of the price difference. 

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Red! Or blue. But red!

KTM won't disappoint you. The older RFS KTM engines are very reliable if you look after it. I imagine the new ones would be slightly higher in up keep.


Orange, the new generation of ktm motors are good, valves haven't moved in my 350 for 100 hours. Just with anything, air filters and oil changed, will help the lifespan of any bike. There is another reason why I would go orange instead of red. The x hasn't had a major redesign in....well....ever. I don't think that I could ever buy a brand new bike that hasn't changed since it's inception. Hence why I would never buy a yz250 2t, brand new. You can find mint condition used bikes and save upwards of 2-3g on the same bike.

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