KTM exc-f 350 electrical problem

So... On my 2013 exc-f 350 I have an electrical issue. It seems every time I switch the lights to low beam the 3rd position #10 fuse blows. I have narrowed it down to the headlight housing as being the source of problem but I have replaced the low beam bulb and it still has the problem. Anyone have any insight into what might be causing this problem? Basically if I remove the entire headlight housing I can go from high to low but as soon as I switch to low the fuse pops. I traces the wire and see no obvious signs of wear.

Are you running an OEM bulb?

Yes, it is the OEM bulb, just replaced it to make sure it was not the problem (as others have noted).

I had issues with my low beam also on my 13' 350 EXC-F but it ended up being the bulb (Or at least thats what I was told). The dealer fixed the issue though so you can try going to your KTM dealer and see what they say. My guess would be the bulb but if you changed it already, then I'm not too sure. 

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Sounds like a bad switch or a bad ground. Maybe try to bypass the switch and do a process of elimination.

Good luck

Try switching to a halogen bulb. Even though you replaced the bulb it still may be defective. When my stocker burned out I couldn't tell for the life of me the bulb was bad. Threw in a halogen and changed the fuse and haven't had an issue since. I think sicass had the bulb.

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