Looking to find people to ride with in the Tri-State area


When I say Tri-State, I mean the southernmost part of NV, where AZ, CA, & NV meet.  There are more trails in this area than any other I have found.  Having lived in CA and Oregon before, I thought I had been to many great areas to ride, and I have.  But this area has more miles upon miles of trails that aren't beat and whooped out.  The reason being is that unless you ride here with someone who knows the area, or spend a lot of time exploring, you just wouldn't know there here.  During the winter, there are a couple of groups that come down from Vegas but not too often.  And since this is a lightly populated area there are not very many locals.  I usually ride twice a week, and it's rare to see anyone else aside from a few quad riders who seem to stay to the roads.  The down side is I don't have very many people to ride with.  If you would like to come ride 40 or more miles of fun flowing single track type trails, send me a PM and we'll talk. 

Sent you a PM

You might look on My2Wheels.com, there is a large dirt and DS group there, mostly centered around the Vegas area.


I'm still in the shopping for a DS and where will I get the money mode, so I probably won't be riding until spring or so.

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