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Kx65 spring rate

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I´m planning to buy RT cartridge emulators and springs

My son is 71lbs, mx B  rider and ride 2011 kx 65.
I went to both
http://www.racetech.com and http://www.powerbandracing.com check spring rate and I am little confused.

For the forks the Race tech recommend 0.268kg,  stock rate is 0.27kg they only  have 0.26 and 0.28kg but  the powerband racing recommend 0.25kg.

For the shock spring the stock  is 4.9kg RT recommend 4.7kg and powerband racing say 4.5kg

I bought Ohlins shock with the 4.5 spring that was setup for 75lbs rider.

So I was wondering should I get the 0.26kg for him which would be ok for him now or go with the 0.28kg that is actually for 80lbs rider.

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I cannot answer your question but have some to add. I just rebuilt my sons forks from a 2003 KX65 which was a recent addition to the garage so going over everything on this. There was a damping emulator in there and a 75mm conduit preload spacer. The fork springs were 432 and 428mm and spec is 497mm with service limit of 487mm.


I ended up ordering a stock spring and did not put the emulator back in as it would have acted like a preload spacer. After I got it back together I looked at the Race Tech site as they are a bit like pogo sticks now. I don't know if the emulators that I have are Race Tech or what but I was leery of adding them and have the front ride high. I see on the race tech that I should have gone a bit lighter as My boy is 70lbs also but they spec a 430mm spring is using the emulators? What do you do with the 50mm difference since the emulator takes up 15mm and you need to get back to the stock length? Put a chunk of conduit in?? Maybe the other springs were OK?

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