How many miles out of the stock tires?

I know that this question is very subjective to what kind of riding is being done, but let's say somebody rides their bike 50/50 dirt/street.  How many miles could one expect out of the OEM tires?  Just a rough estimate.

I got around 1300 miles out of mine before I finally had enough of the front tire sliding all over the place.  Just wish I would have ditched 'em earlier.  I'm probably less than 20% on the road so there was plenty of tread left but I had enough.  Both stock tires are now tire swings.  The front one even sucks at that, folds up like a taco!!


Here's what I went with:

You should get at least 3000 miles

I only got 400 miles out of mine before I gave them away for the price of shipping to a fellow Thumper Talk member  .... true story  :thumbsup:

Sold mine for $100 with about 250 kms or 150 miles . :thumbsup:

I still have the stock IRC tires on at almost 6000 miles.


The front is still plenty good (though I don't like it), and the rear has about 3-4 millimeters of nob depth in the center (time to replace soonish). I've had no issues with the rear tire, though I will replace with something different as I think there are better tire out there. The front hasn't performed as well IMO, especially on gravel.


But they are lasting well, for me at least, and I had done quite a bit of riding in abrasive conditions. Luck of the draw maybe, but then I don't ride aggressively fast in those conditions. I more or less slowly pick my way on steep rocky stuff.

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