Kx 250 clutch issue

I'm sorry if someone has already asked this but I'm having an issue with the clutch engaging. I have a 1994 kx 250 and when I bought the bike the clutch perch was broke so i bought a new one and mounted it up. But the clutch cable has no pressure on it and even when I move the release down by the motor it doesn't engage. It also has no pressure down there. I'm just wondering if it's something simple I'm missing before I tear into the clutch.

Was the clutch or anything internal replaced recently?

Was the clutch or anything internal replaced recently?


I'm not sure, i just picked the bike up a week or two ago.

Lay that bad boy down on its side and pull the clutch cover, you will need to move the brake pedal.. Tear into it, it is easy, check the pushrod is in there.. Have a look at it. Clutches are easy.

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