What springs are you running (forks/shock)

I weigh 200lbs so I'm going to need stiffer springs. Is the BBR spring stiff enough? I'm pretty sure race-tech has springs also.

Depends on what you're using it for. I'm 155; for light MX/trails I'm at .40kg fork spring and 5.6kg shock spring

Mainly trails and some ice racing. not for MX

Go to RaceTech spring calculator:




The spring calculator link is under the RT High Performance Springs heading. Their recommendations seem a little high to me. They reccomend 4.1/6.2 for me  (165lb slow old phart trail rider) and 3.8/5.6 is just right.

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I'm 180 lbs and I have an Eibach shock springs and BBR fork springs. I ride mostly on our backyard pitbike track.

Never believe the spring calculator.  I'm 160 lbs with .42 front and 5.8 rear, and the rear is soft.  My friend who rides my bike is about 200lb can up to about 6.2 or 6.4 rear and about .44 front with loads of valving in each. I have some part in the forks swap out from a big bike to get more oil through (a suspension place has been doing mine for 15 years.) It take a while and many tries to get it right.  I ride MX. 

Just ordered the BBR springs. I will see how they work out.

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