18" rear rims- compatible?

Looking to see if an 18" Honda rear rim & a Suzuki 18" rear rim would be compatible? Any idea? 2000 model CR250 to a 90's model DR 350.

found a rim.

Found an 18" rim off a '90 RMZ 250. It fits the bike fine, but the 6 hole brake disc rotor will need to be shimmed to work with the DR brake caliper. Not a huge deal.

Hi, are you using the RMZ rim with the DR hub then, or the complete RMZ wheel?.

Using the whole RMX rim on the DR. The hubs are slightly different on the brake rotor side, goes from a (DR) 4 bolt to a (RMX) 6 bolt. The hub of the RMX brake rotor side is slightly more inward making outward shimming necessary to get the rotor to line up with the stock DR caliper. From what I am finding at least.

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