My new Husky M/40s pistol.

Picked this up this afternoon. Kind of cool looking. Some sort of Husky WWII pistol.




"""vwhere ish my pishtol ? ""                            very cool




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Found this on Wiki:


Pistol m/40

A simplified and somewhat less reliable version of the L-35 was built in Sweden under license and was adopted for service by the Swedish Armed Forces in 1940. The official Swedish military designation for this pistol was Pistol m/40 but it is also known as the Husqvarna m/40 after the manufacturer, Husqvarna that produced almost 100,000 of them between 1940 and 1946.


Due to poor quality steel used in manufacturing and the use of a more powerful 9 mm cartridge adopted in the 1960s (m/39B) the bolts of Pistol m/40s started to crack in the 1980s. As a temporary replacement the retired FN Model 1903 (Pistol m/07) pistols were brought back into service until the switch to the new Glock pistols was complete. The switch was done during the 1990s when the Glock 17 (Pistol 88) was adopted by the Swedish Army, and the Glock 19 (Pistol 88B) by the Swedish Air Force.

Factual, informative and interesting posts.  :thumbsup:




WTF are they doing here then?    :lol:

Factual, informative and interesting posts. :thumbsup:

&%$#@! are they doing here then? :lol:

Looks like a Luger knock-off.... Must have had something to do with BMW.... They do say poor quality killed it off... That's funny.

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