battery for my 03 wr250f

what batteries are you guys running? I got one from walmart and it gets rundown pretty fast. is there a better battery? I tested my charging system and everything is working. I have a battery maintainer to keep it charged.I am thinking the battery is just cheap. thanks in advance   freight

I run a Speedcell, lightweight lithium battery, 380 grams.

Full disclosure: I am the Director of Motorsports for Speedcell. We sponsor the Monster Energy Graves Yamaha Superbike Team (Factory Yamaha). We are also in the EBR Superbikes, Geico Honda, Michael Jordan Motorsports, National Guard, M4, Larry Pegram, Roadrace Factory RedBull Yamaha, etc.

Walmart batteries suck.  I consistently got only 3 years out of them in bikes and cars.  Won't buy them anymore. 

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