Cam chain guide mistake

Hi, I was putting the head back on and was having trouble getting it on, so stupidly decided to take out the chain guide that slips in and out. Now I have the head torqued down.

I thought I could just feed the guide down once head is on but is had 2 little locator bits stopping it.

Any ideas? Force is down?

If I have to take head back off can I reuse head gasket?


Best not to force anything .

I have used a torqued down only gasket before , but it's best to use a new one .

Torque to 43 ft-lbs .. Oil threads and washers

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Thanks for reply, I've taken head back off and sorted out the guide, I am a little worried about re using the head gasket,

All my mates are saying don't reuse.

Just don't want to pull it down again if it leaks.

So you think no problem re using. Even though it was fully torqued?

It's best to use a new one

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I've made the exact same mistake lol don't re use the head gasket, I did and couldn't get it started (timing and everything was fine) so go a new gasket and don't forget the guide :p

I used copper coat spray to get me out of trouble

A replacement Head gasket on back order .

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Cheers guys.

I did the exact same thing when i did my bigbore. I was worried about reusing the gasket, but reused  the gasket  anyway and have had zero problems.

Maybe i just got lucky. I am not recomending you do so. I am just impatient and did not want to wait.

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