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Carb extraction-1983 xt250

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I stopped when I couldn't get the various air box parts out. I didn't want to man handle things I have no hope of replacing. It looks like there is a rivet holding a shroud together, around the rear shock. Does this need drilled out before the rest of the air box came be removed? Any help is welcome.

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1983 XT-250K?

One carburetor?

Old-timer Monocross triangle-shaped swingarm with the rear shock running underneath the seat and fuel tank?


I owned a 1981 XT-250H and needed to remove my carburetor when I first bought the bike as it had been sitting for a long time.


When the rubber manifolds (connecting the rear of the carburetor to the airbox and front of the carburetor to the cylinder head) get old, they harden-up like a rock and make bending them just a little bit to ease carburetor removal difficult.

When they are warm, they tend to bend a bit easier but still not like new ones that are noticeably more pliable.


You can ease things by unbolting the inlet manifold attached to the cylinder head, prying it loose, and sliding that off with the carburetor.

Of course, replace that manifold gasket and inspect the manifolds for tears/cracks.

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