Salmon Motorcross Track


Hey guys!  I was wondering if anyone on here has ridden the motorcross track, in Salmon, Idaho?  I'd like to know more about it, because I really want to try it out.  I'd like to know if there are any races, or practices that go on regularly, any fees, requirements (OHV requirements).  I'd be interested in meeting up with anyone to ride, I do a lot of trail riding and want a change.  Thanks for the info!



My humble advice as a person who broke his back in 6 places on a "Relatively Easy" mx track earlier this summer would be to stick to the trails and have a Long and Happy dirtbike life...just sayin

My dad lives in salmon. I rode the track a few years ago just practicing. It was a fun track, but I thought I heard it had closed down a while ago, not sure though.

I rode up there yesterday just to check out the track, and it looks run down.  It's kind of sad!  However it looks like a fun track to ride!  I'm going to check with Lemhi County on the status, and see if it's even legal to ride.


Ya, someone crashed once and hurt themselves doing MX so I wouldnt try it :thinking:

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