Triple Clamp Rec

Just picked up some oversize bars and need to get a triple clamp....any recommendations?

BRP makes the tripels for Scotts and they can do custom work for you if you need the bars a little father forward, etc. Also look on Ebay cause sometimes you'll find some killer deals there. There used to be a guy blowing out XR650R triple clamps for Pro Tapers on Ebay, but I haven't seen him in a while. I once saw a new set of XR650R triple clamps for Pro Tapers sell for less than $5. Most of the triple clamps I seen selling went for around $50 to $100. If you're tall, then you'll really like a triple clamp/mount that raises the bars and pushes them forward like the Scotts/BRP clamp setup.

I second the BRP triple clamps

My BRP uppers's sucked. (But i am a very negative person)

No-really. Two of the bolts broke while pre-running Baja-and the clamp anodizing was so thick the thing was out of tolerance, and nothing lined up right. I've also tried the Applied uppers, but there are some issues with steering dampners on the model i've got.

It would be worth remembering that different steering dampners have issues with different uppers. If you plan to run a dampner now or in the future its worth making sure they are easily compatable with whatever uppers you end up with. I found this out the expensive way. If i was doing it all over again (and i might) i would call GPR and ask them what works with their 2nd gen damner, and go from there.


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