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MX suspension settings on enduro bike

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Hi all. I have a Husky TE450. When I take my son to the local Moto park he tends to spend most of his time on the MX tracks, so I've been riding the TE on the MX tracks as well. I'm a decent rider on the enduro trails but I've never done much MX riding. I'm after some advice on suspension settings for MX.

Firstly is there enough range of adjustment to get a decent setup for both MX and Enduro riding?

For MX, I've been increasing the damping on all the clickers, but I'm guessing I probably don't need as much extra damping on the high speed compression for the rear shock?

I know it's not the ideal bike for riding MX but I've been getting better at jumping and am really enjoying it now. I still suck on the whoops but can clear some of the easier table tops and some doubles. Need to work on corner entry but I must be doing ok from mid corner as the fast guys that overtake me going into a corner don't get away too quickly once they are past (but kick my arse on corner entry into the next corner and leave me for dead on the big table tops lol).

Thanks in advance smile.gif

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