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Hello all, a friend of mine bought a 09 300 xc after reading nothing but good things about the bike. I store his bike at my house so one day I decided to see what it was all about and fell in love. However, once we went on a ridding trip and I really opened it up out in open desert it felt extremely unstable at high speed through whoop sections. I felt as if I was going to loose control at any second. Is that normal for a 2 stroke bike? Ive ridden mainly 4 strokes for the last 18-20 years. I really like it aside from that but open desert is 70% of the ridding I do so its a major problem. The bike is stock as far as I know. They have a new 2012 at a local dealer $2000 of msrp that I have my eye on. Is any year better then others it seems like the general consensus is to buy the newest 300 you can.




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Its hard to answer your question about the bike being unstable in the open desert. I just bought a '13 300 XC and it works excellent in the whooped out desert stuff here in southern AZ. The bike tracks very well and doesn't get out of shape. Two strokes do have a lighter feel to them because they are lighter than a four strokes. That may be a factor in what you felt. I just installed a steering dampener on mine but haven't had a chance to ride it yet as I'm waiting on other parts.

In regards to the bike you rode do you know what the clickers were set at? What springs were in the front and rear of the bike you rode? Are the springs that are in it right for your weight? Was the sag set correctly? Did you try adjusting the clickers to tune out the undesired behavior? Many factors come in to play so it makes your question difficult to answer.

Suspension setup is a big contributer to stability....That being said I won't own a KTM 2T without a stabilizer on. The bikes have a extremely aggressive and race inspired chassis that needs to be calmed down a bit....

And there is a huge difference between the 09 and 12s. Major suspension changes (linkage vs non link), frame changed, body styling, 6spd trans etc etc. The 2012 also feel physically smaller and more Japanese then the 09s. You feel like you are sitting "in" the bike as apposed to on top of it....The 12s are slightly heavier by a few pounds too....

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2K for a 2012? Isn't that unusually low? What am I missing?

2K for a 2012? Isn't that unusually low? What am I missing?

I think the OP was saying $2000 off of MSRP. That'd be about $6300. Still a good deal on a new 2012, but hard to imagine there being new 12's left given their popularity.

IIRC, steering geometry changed '10 to '11 or there abouts also, which supposedly helped head shake and the nervous feeling.

Suspension setup is everything. Springs and valving must be for ur weight and ability.

Two strokes are not ur problem, it's the suspension that must be dun correctly. My '11 300 would be horrible if I went back to the desert bc Enduro suspension is way too soft for desert whoops, but mine would handle great in the rocks.

The linkage rear suspension is definitely better for whoops and desert riding. My old suspension guy explained that the linkage curls under as the shock travels down, which has the geometric effect of squatting the rear end down. The linkless like my 300 tends to send the wheel impact through the bikes backbone and pivots on the steering stem.

Since I ride enduro in Texass there aren't whoops, no big deal. Desert would need major suspension overhaul to be competitive in desert

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Okay, thanks guys I think you answered my question. The suspension on the 300 was totally stock I'm a big guy so no it wasn't set up for me. However with my other bikes (yz 450, crf450r, husky 510) I've never had the suspension done or anything n rode the s**t out of em never having a problem, possibly because those bikes are heavier and they have a link rear suspension. 



were there major changes to 2012s?



Own a 13 300xc and came off 09 yz450. The 300 NEEDS a steering stabilizer! Now that I have it dialed in I feel very comfortable getting the speed up and into whoops. The 300 wasn't like the 450 where I just got on and rode with factory setting, it needed a little love. 

Edit: The xc's come with link rear suspension 

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