Rm 250

I have a 1992 rm 250 that my son wants to race in the beginners class how competitive do you think it will be?

Has your son ever ridden on a motocross track? If not then before racing you should take him to the track when they have open practices so he can get the feel of it. If he has then yes, depending what classes that track has either just C class or Schoolboy C or 250c, the track may even have a D class, they are rare but some tracks have it for the real novices to Motocross. In my experience 250 race classes are competitive but remember your sons not racing on TV with pros for a grand prize money reward so if he does race even tho it is competitive just tell him to have fun! I just started racing Schoolboy 250c class here at my hometown track and I can say the other riders are more competitive than me.

Cool we have been down to the track and he is currently working on figure 8s and standing up with his left arm raised and controlling the throttle with his right hand while riding in a figure 8 pattern. They tell me they have a beginners class but just not sure about the bike a lot of the kids are riding 4 strokes just don't know how well he will match up

Sounds like he needs track time before he lines up on the gate. I agree with LoganFry's comment that he should do practice days to get the feel of it. A LOT of practice days. Figure eights are ok but nothing beats simply riding the track lap after lap after lap...  That said, a 92 RM250 can be a fun bike but not as easy to ride as a modern 4 stroke.  If you had your son ride both I bet he would be faster (and safer?) on a 250F.   I currently have both an RM250 (2006) and a new RMZ250, and while the RM is a lot of fun, the RMZ is waaaaay easier to ride. The RM wears me out in about 5-10 laps, haha.  


Whatever happens, best of luck to you and your son!

This is all just an opinion, but:

That's the exact reason you should stick to a 2st first off.  Do you "apprenticeship" for a few years on the RM before moving on (if at all) otherwise its quite possible you'll be half the racer you could otherwise be.


BTW the RM is more than competitive anyhow.

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Cool we are just getting started for now we are putting some time in at the track right now, realistically we are looking at next season to start .I am working on his bike a little,fine tuning the mix and fuel. I have the suspension working for him but this rm250 2 stroke has an intense power band it want out from under you if your careful

Hmm I'd be inclined to run a thicker base gasket and a flywheel weight to take away some of the hit and make her more tractable.  May i ask why you chose a 250?  A 125 is a great bike, fun to ride, perfect for beginners and lets face it, is still "competitive" for all but the highest of club racers.

It's a fast bike and when he started riding i got him a kawasaki 250f but that thing has been a thorn in my side for the word go so I thought I would give a 2 stroke a try I would like to find a yz 125 2 stroke but the ones I have looked at are junk so we looked at this rm250

A 250 2 stroke is not as forgiving as ANY 4 stroke.... I am a 2 stroke fan and I've owned both a 450 and currently have a 250 2 stroke, and grew up racing 125's...... As much as I'd hate to say it but a 250 4 stroke is probably the best bike to learn on. But to answer your question that RM is more than competitive enough.... In amateur races its more of the skill level vs the bike. As everyone else has said the best bet is for him to get a few practice laps under his belt first, and tell him to hang on because that RM 250 has a lot of ass! Good luck!!!

Remember this though.... The 250 4 strokes were originally designed to compete with the 125's and the 450's to compete with the 250 2 strokes..... Hope this helps

Thanks for all the info we are new at this and I just don't know how to get started but I am planning on getting him to the track a lot more and maybe rethinking this bike

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