2006 clutch issue (Im a clutch noob)

Hey guys,


I have never installed a clutch or done any maintenance to a clutch. Well my 2006 250r has started giving me some problems. The clutch doesnt seem to be releasing properly when in gear with lever pulled in. Sometimes it will lurch forward and stall immediately and sometimes it wont stall but the bike wants to roll forward like its barely grabbing. I have tried adjusting the cable several times and still cant get it to help.


What is causing the issue and how can it solved? 

change your tranny oil more often


2 things you can do to release the sticking plates. 


with the bike off, put it in 4th gear pull in the clutch and roll it back until it releases.


but taking off the clutch cover, removing the pressure plate and clutch pack, pull each plate apart.  soak in new gearbox oil and reinstall. 

your clutch basket is grooved, time for a new clutch basket,


get a manual and take care of that bike before you blow it up.

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