My rear shock is stuck what is wrong?

my brother just got his 06 kx 100 after it has been sitting since his last race (one month ago) and his rear shock is almost frozen... it moves probably about 2 inches but then its like it hits a rock and stops, now he weighs 100 pounds, and when I got on it and tried to make it move it moved a little bit but it shot back up like a rocket,  weigh 180 pounds and we tuned the shock so it was soft, and I mean very soft, when he first started racing, but now softened the rebound and the compression more, but it makes no difference, is the shock frozen? or is it a bushing or something? please help! btw it had been sitting on its stand in our garage


tear the shock linkage out and take it apart and grease it.  probably locked up in there.

thank you very much I will try that and see what happens

Do the linkage and for safety send the shock for service.

Also give everything a looksie for safety.

Brakes, steering stem, axle nut torque, throttle cable, chain condition.

There are mechanical problems that can really hurt you.

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