Sunfair/Copper Mtn... rain all week!


Me!  I will have intermittent work this week, gonna have to come see ya.  Getting my suspension back together on the YZ so she is ready for more abuse.  I have been racking hours like crazy in that thing. Maybe I need to start riding the CRF some more, I will wait for the open desert, a few more weeks..


What days are best for you?

excellent!! i have to help someone make a dump run monday (and then might teach her to ride the XR100), but thats it really...


it dumped this afternoon... now slow drizzle... very nice! typical weather pattern now... cloudy and muggy in the morning and showers or downpours in the afternoon... rain forecast through wednesday... i think the best conditions will be every morning through thursday... then it will go crusty and dusty... back to typical desert...


i'll ride any day someone is here... you are all welcome to come out an evening or two if you want to ride more than one day or not get up ass early...

riding tuesday for sure... got the local shop guy coming out too!

and you guys think i only ride rocks...

today this was the best riding around...

what do you think?

New bike?

borrowed... ripping my cylinder off tonite!!

Man that looks like fun!!!

Man that looks like fun!!!

Right!!! We all need to go up there and visit DW.

Nothing to see here!!! (at least with that mud in my grill!) carry on!!

Thanks for the loop tour, I had a great time, glad to find another person who can play in rocks all day and still be smiling.  The conditions were perfect, the cloudcover really helped out a lot.  


Man you got yourself one heck of a backyard!!  Lucky!!  We got to do it again sometime, maybe bring some more peeps that can ride well and it would be a good time, anybody not comfortable in rocks is gonna need a Helo extraction, haha. 


Wish I could do it again today, if I lived there a 2 hour morning ride would be an everyday experience for at least a couple months anyway..thanks again!






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