Chinese Quad 4 Wheelers?

My Fiance and I were talking about getting our boys a little 50cc four wheeler but I don't want to spend a ton of money on one since they are just learing to drive one. We've found a lot of Chinese quads for fairly cheap and have found some of the parts online if needed but his dad says they have them for sale on Craig's List all the time. I've found a Blue 4 Wheeler for $275 and its bought from PepBoy's and a Alpha Sport 4 wheeler for $300... I was wondering if anyone has owned one of these and if someone had a list of all the Chinese quad names.  Thanks!

I had one when i was younger .... I don't know the name of them but they are kinda high maintenance. If you dont keep up with them they mess up ... They are pretty quick well the one i had but they dont really have alot of torque

I had a chinese eton 40 rascal when I was younger. For the most part it ran pretty good.

I bought my nephew one off Ebay when he was 4 because he had broken 3 power-wheels quads by then and I thought a steel frame and gas engine was better for him... No name brand... single speed, centrifugal clutch Loncin 70cc engine (honda clone)... It was a good learners quad with a tethered kill switch and LOTS of top end power once it was rolling, but not much torque for slow speed manouvering or climbing hills... the frames are VERY CHEAP and easy to break, but if you don't abuse it, it should last long enough to teach your boys how to ride

Thanks you guys for the information. (:

Resale value is something to think about on the opposite end of things however and if you wish to not encounter tons of problems with build quality and things of that nature, a used Jap 80/90 or even 50 can be had for dirt cheap and sold for the same price when you go to get rid of it. You also probably won't have any problems with it and you will be able to get parts when needed without being afraid to keep it for a period of time.

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