xr70 lost its drain plug

i took my son for a ride in the riverbed by our house yesterday afternoon. All of a sudden his bike dies and wont stay running. I thought he was low on gas but a buddy notices something pouring out of the bottom. He had lost his drain plug. I retraced our trail following the oil stains and actually found the plug. It was about 1/4 mile back. i had my wife bring the truck over and got it home but i am scepticle about just putting oil in it and seeing if its fine. i know these little bikes are prettty much indestructable but im a little scared. At the same time I dont want to tear it all apart if i dont have to. Any words of wisdom outthere?

if it's toast it's toast  putting oil in it and trying again won't do any further damage IMHO


I'd give it a go  assuming it will turn over ?


  otherwise you are ripping it apart and inspecting all the bearings

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True. I have to rebuild maybe this would be a good time for a big bore kit

True. I have to rebuild maybe this would be a good time for a big bore kit



http://tboltusa.com/store/tb-88cc-big-bore-kit-br-fits-honda-crf70-engines-p-32.html TB 88cc Big Bore Kit 

fits Honda CRF70 Engines

Part No: TBW0929

Location: 220C


Lightweight aluminum cylinder with steel sleeve

Cast in mounts on cylinder for aftermarket skid plates

Oversized cooling fins on cylinder for efficient heat dissipation

High compression tbwo365 52mm piston with rings, pin, & clips

Head gasket kit


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