my 2000 yz, sell it or rebuild it or part it out?

Last year I bought an 08 yz250 that I LOOOOOOOOVE. Not to mention I just ordered a Lectron carb for it so i imagine im going to love it even more. 


But, I have a 2000 yz250 that I rode for a year before the bottom end blew, or something. Engine needs some serious love for anything great to come of the bike. I had a few ideas:


1) EG 295 or that 325 I keep hearing about?

           -if I do this, I was wondering if the SSS fork will work on the 2000 bike for s suspension upgrade?


2)sell it as is and let someone else rebuild it and find a newer yz for the big bore kit?


3) Part it out and keep whats good for the 08 and sell the rest on fleabay?


4) Get it running again and then sell it and look for a new yz to play with?


Just curious what you guys would do if you had a 2000 yz siting around?


Well, To me that is your decision.  My first question I would ask my self is if it was fixed do I like that chassis better than the 08??? If not I think you solved part of your own problem. Then what can you get out of a older YZ not running??? If you part it out you may be sitting on a lot of parts taking up room in the garage. IMO if you like the chassis fix it. If not cut your loss and sell it cheap.

The older YZ as a trail basher with a heavy flywheel weight and all the appropriate stuff for the radical trails,rocks and trees-engine tuned for torque and the newer YZ as a great lighter zippier MX style machine.

Keep it you already know what's wrong cut your losses and rebuild it, because buying a used bike is always a crap shoot a bottom end or something might blow up again. As for the big bore look at Eddie sanders racing they make a 345 jug an head for that yz.

The steel frame on the 2000 is an asset if riding off road in radical rocky trails-crunching aluminum frames is very disappointing !

rebuild bottom end (not really that expensive), ride it, then decide. When you do this save receipts and take pictures of the work to document that it was done. Won't necessarily make bike sell for more but it will sell much faster. 

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A spare bike is always a good thing.

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