jumping crf150

So I recently moved to vernal Utah. And there are some kick a$$ jumps out here. Just search Honda hills vernal Utah on YouTube and you'll see what I'm talking about..are these capable of doing big jumps with a 180lb rider how much would the cr85 suspension be able to handle? And is it cost effective. The bike already needs a rebuild so I just don't want to spend more Money than the bikes worth. I only paid 300 for it.. and already looking at $500 or big bore and crankcase. Input please!

If you're 180 pounds you need to consider a full size bike. Cr85 suspension is too light.

Are we talking cr 250 or would cr125 be fine? Found someone out here with a 04 ktm 125 sx for 1600. Would this be more practical? Or still to small?

Well you're boarder line between 125/250... a 125 is sprung pretty light from the factory, about 140-170lbs I think, but it depends on skill, where you're riding, etc.

A 250t is A LOT of bike for someone starting out, but if you respect the power when learning on it you'll be fine.

You could also check out a 250f

Thanks for the input. I'm looking for a 250f but all that's really for sale in ky area I'd a 250t.. but I have a yamy r6 already so I think I should be able to handle it..

Yeah you should be fine, whatever bike you get don't skimp on gear if you don't already have some, especially if you'll be on a full size bike

Yeah I should probably gett some. Been riding sleds since 12 and all I got is a helmet. Recommend any websites or brands?

Rockymountainatvmc.com has good closeouts but I like the service from Motosport.com but at the minimal get a set of boots and goggles with your helmet, and if you get serious include a neck brace and padding. Motosport has a good deal on some one industries gear which includes a $280 and a $200 pants/jersey combo all for 210 I believe

Yeah I got one industries helmet and castle goggles already and I do like the helmet. Thanks for info. Do u live out west? I'm from nh so power sports fluctuate with season like snowmobiles are cheap during summer and dirt bike are cheap during winter. Is it like that out here?

I'm actually from VA, no snow for us lol for me riding is typically a year round sport and you really don't see the prices of anything change, the number of bikes for sale just tend to drop in the winter.

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