newbie w/pe 250 needs a little advice

Hi Guys, I hope you can help me. Just bought a 1977 PE 250 and in the process of sorting it out. I can't get it to run decently unless the choke is on (pin in the up or pulled position). I think it is probably the fuel filter oor air filter, but I do not have a manual for this year.

Thanks Doug


Stock these bikes didn't have fuel filters, but they did have a screen on the petcock inside the tank.  Dis-connect the fuel line from the carb and momentarily turn the gas on then off.  If it comes out at a decent rate then your supply line should be good, if it has a filter and it looks dirty ~ replace it (small ones are cheap).  Also, if your air filter is showing any signs of degrading and/or falling apart ~ replace it with a new one (any place that sells OEM parts can sell you one).


But most likely you need to buy a large can of carb cleaner, remove and dis-assemble the carb and spray every jet and port in the carb.  When the can is empty you can re-assemble the carb and you should be good.  Just be sure to completely take it apart and spray through EVERY port in the carb.  And be sure to wear safety glasses when doing it, carb cleaner is nasty stuff and burns if you get it in your eyes (ask me how I know...).

sounds like clogged jets to me

Thanks for your help capt justin and zig06. I was able to download a manual for this thing as well as some other info and hopefully everything works out.

Thanks again, Doug

Your pilot jet is dirty. Pull the carb apart, and clean it completely. Remove the pilot jet. Blow all passages, and jets clean with compressed air from an actual compressor. Using anything from a can is just pizzing in the wind, and a waste of time.

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