New fork seals leaking after 2 rides?

I just put in new fork seals and fork oil and my right fork started to leak a little bit on the 3rd ride.

I was wondering if i should take it apart and clean any dirt that may cuase the leak and put it back together.

I wpuld really appreciat any help and suggestions

my 06 kx450f will not hold any seal but the factory seal... actually started leaking after first ride with the seals supplied in the pivot works bushing/seal rebuild kit... just saying.

You should try quality seal first like NOK or SKF. Did you inspect the fork leg, slide and piston bushing ?

Did your seals have thick grease in them from the manufacturer? If so, clean that crap out and install them dry. The cheapy little plastic install tools are sweet, but you can use a plastic bag just the same if you're careful. Also, don't forget to cross hatch the lower tube with some scotch brite, or fine sandpaper. 

Make sure your forks are parallel, motion pro makes a good tool to check.

i got a plastic binder divider and cut out my own seal mate and it stopped my fork from leaking you might just have a bit of crap stuck in them

Make sure your forks are parallel, motion pro makes a good tool to check.

That tool helps a ton!

Check your fork tubes for nicks.

Check your fork tubes for nicks.


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