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TE 510 Clutch basket

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Could really do with some help please. I've just brought a 2004 TE 510 Centennial fitted with super moto wheels. Now about 10 miles into riding the I heard a bang and the clutch 'went'. Nursed it home and set about stripping the clutch and basket.

The last of the 8 rivets that had held the outer clutch basket to the gearbox drive gear had sheared leaving the two parts to spin freely from each other, which felt like the clutch slipping. Now the option is there to just re-rivet the basket to the drive gear but as this has failed before it can only be a matter of time before it fails again (especially as i plan to use it mainly on the road) Would it be better to bolt the two parts together? (the old rivet holes are an exact fit for M5 bolts) unfortunately it cant be welded as the basket is ally and the drive gear steel.

However, i notice the later TE510's from 06 on have a cush drive fitted to the clutchbasket/drive gear. It would be great to retro-fit this as with the road use it would be good to give the gearbox an easier time. I've seen a 2007 SMR 510 entire clutch assembly for sale and was wondering if it would fit? Looking at the part numbers both the 2004 and 2007 510's have the same gearbox input shafts (so the clutch assembly should fit) however the 2004 510 has a 21 toothed gear on the end of the crankshaft whereas the 2007 510 has a 23 toothed gear. Does this mean the 2007 clutch assembly wont fit? or would i just need to source a 23 toothed gear as well?

Thanks in advance


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Just had a look ... they doesn't seem to produce one for a 04 TE 510 :(



Contact Zip Ty Racing They can rebuild you basket and replace the vivets  with a better set up

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